• Microchannel coil technology standard on most units.
  • Painted steel cabinets for superior strength and corrosion protection.
  • Heavy duty steel raised base with 1-1/2″ legs.
  • Fan guards and wiring conduit on indoor models.
  • Suction service valves for hermetic and scroll compressors located outside the cabinet for quick installations.
  • Semi-hermetic compressor models have a suction valve on the compressor and an access fitting on the suction line entering the cabinet.
  • Receiver with fusible plug, liquid shutoff valve and charging port is standard.
  • Large electrical panel for ease of access.
  • Prefabricated wiring harnesses for tight crimp connections and consistent labeling.
  • Unit stays on if the hood is removed for servicing.
  • Sight glass is easily viewable.

All units are completely leak tested in a helium environment, bump tested and allowed to cycle off on the high and low pressure control. Each unit has a copy of the run data shipped inside the electrical panel. Electrical circuits are completely checked for continuity.

Piping is laid out to minimize stress and vibration and is pre-bent to eliminate leaks. Encapsulated, auto-reset, high and low pressure controls to eliminate leaks (standard on all high and medium temperature models, adjustable low pressure control standard on low temperature models).