RDT’s Eco-Cool system was specifically designed to meet the ever-increasing demands for environmentally responsible compliance within the food service industry. With the Scroll Digital compressor, the Eco-Cool system offers precise control of individual compressors, allowing an application that would typically require eight compressors, to now utilize only two digital scroll compressors (one medium temperature and one low temperature). For the customer’s peace of mind, it also includes a back-up compressor for 100 percent redundancy. With fewer compressors, the Eco-Cool system has a smaller system footprint, lower refrigerant volume, lower installation costs and reduced electrical consumption.

The Eco-Cool system can operate all refrigeration fixtures below on only two (2) compressors:

  • Digital Refrigeration System
  • Optimum Energy Efficiency
  • 100% Redundancy
  • Reduced Refrigerant Volume
  • Smaller Footprint
  • E2 Communication System (monitor, alarm and report)
  • Lowered Installation Costs

Eco-Cool Brochure

rdt eco-cool video