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NACS Show 2019

RDT at NACS Show 2019

See our innovations in refrigeration system architecture and advanced refrigeration controls from October 1-4 at The NACS Show, Booth 8465.

How Much Can You Save?

Experience Eco-Cool and Eco-Smart commercial refrigeration systems. Check out this interactive convenience store to learn more.

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Demand Defrost Systems

Here at RDT, on-demand defrost is made possible through our Eco-Smart solution, but not everyone is familiar with on-demand defrost for commercial kitchens. So let's take a closer look at what that means and why it can impact the bottom line for restaurants and foodservice operations.

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Compressor Redundancy

In foodservice, peace of mind is rare. Each day brings a unique challenge. For foodservice operators relying on a wide range of equipment, there’s always a thought in the back of their minds that today is the day something stops working. When a refrigeration system goes down, it can send ripples throughout the operation. That’s not the case when redundancy is built into a refrigeration system.

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Energy Savings

Saving money. This is one of the most important tasks any convenience store energy manager can achieve. After all, if you're saving energy, you're saving money.

Take a closer look at energy saving tips and how they relate to refrigeration and refrigeration solutions from RDT.

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Temperature Monitoring

Just a few degrees can separate food waste from profitable food. Store food in temperatures that are too warm and it will spoil. Store food in frozen conditions for too long and you run the risk of freezer burn. However, all that costly food waste can be eliminated through proper storing conditions in a commercial freezer. Which begs the question, are you saving money by maintaining the quality of the food in your walk-in freezer?

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Learn how to cut your refrigeration costs in half with the Eco-Cool system from RDT.

Want to know how the Eco-Cool works and how it can benefit your foodservice operation? Check out our award-winning animation.


Now there's a controller that is a lot smarter about defrosting.

Watch the new Eco-Smart video from RDT, and discover how the benefits of on-demand defrosting quickly add up for foodservice operations.

NACS Show 2019

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